And that’s what makes us Unique

UAM facilitates compassionate, customer-centric healthcare for people who are tired of being treated like statistics.


Being a patient goes deeper than simply receiving treatment

You are a healthcare customer who deserves to be respected, heard, valued, and served

UAM aims to humanize healthcare in the manner that customer service is provided in a local store. Your medical needs will always be met with safe, high-quality treatments, but we can offer you so much more.

You’ll be an active participant in your care, where transparency, personal connection, and empathy will ensure you’re comfortable throughout your entire experience with our healthcare professionals.

Healthcare customers visit UAM from all over the world

We’re a medical tourism facilitator with a proven track record of innovation and value-based outcomes

Making people's lives better by giving them easy access to affordable, next-generation treatments is our objective. Becoming the recognized leader and most trusted medical tourism company in the world is our goal.

Our flagship treatment is called Epidural Stimulation

It helps people with severe spinal-cord injuries regain control of their lives

The procedure involves surgical implantation of electrodes onto the spinal cord, which can then be controlled by a remote hand-held device. The implant works by connecting nerve signals from the patient’s brain to the spinal-cord tissue below their injury level.

How do we achieve innovation and value-based outcomes?

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Qatar sponsors paralyzed citizen’s Epidural Stimulation in Thailand - Unique Access Medical

Qatar sponsors paralyzed citizen’s Epidural Stimulation in Thailand

Paraplegics, quadriplegics, and other spinal cord injury (SCI) patients have more options for care than at any other time in history. When treatments in their home healthcare systems aren’t providing a cure, there are plenty of advanced, accredited and affordable options abroad. In fact, the “medical tourism” trend has flourished

Verita Neuro makes inroads at the ISCORE 2019 SCI Forum - Unique Access Medical

Verita Neuro makes inroads at the ISCORE 2019 SCI Forum

On December 13th & 14th, 2019, sunny Spain was the place to be for doctors, surgeons, and academics from around the world who are involved in spinal cord injury treatment and research. That’s because the Sant Pau Art Nouveau complex in Barcelona was hosting The International Spinal Cord Repair Meeting

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