Who we are?

Please meet our Team which will be assisting throughout your decision process, treatment journey and post treatment follow-up. We really do look forward to meeting and assisting confirmed patients in person.

Summary of what you can expect from Unique Access

Before Treatment?

  • Introducing and fully explaining the treatment options.
  • Experienced and honest evaluation of what’s right for you.
  • Consultation at no charge with an expert doctor (following receipt of medical history).
  • Explaining the scientific research that supports the medicine, if required.
  • Fundraising support and guidance, if required.

During Treatment?

  • Professional full concierge service including travel advice, airport pick up, family needs, translation etc.
  • Constant presence at treating hospital to assist you on any matter.
  • We are your interface with treating doctors and hospital throughout your stay.

After Treatment?

  • We initiate regular contact to follow up on results and any concerns.
  • We are available at any time to answer your questions, provide advice or address issues.
  • Advanced supplement packs targeted to aid your recovery and wellbeing.
  • Newsletters and information about any new treatments or products.

Meet Our Unique Team

Our Patient Services team collectively speak 8 languages and are very experienced. They average more than 5 years in healthcare experience each.

Dr Nasir Majeed

Nasir Majeed, M.D

Medical Director, Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Nasir Majeed has extensive experience working with patients undergoing regenerative medicine treatments. He worked for Beike Biotech as Medical Consultant for several years, where he was also part of the scientific team responsible for establishing regenerative medicine treatment protocols, creating treatment plans and devising clinical trials.

He was part of many clinical trials and successfully established treatment protocols for various chronic and autoimmune conditions. His work on regenerative medicine has been published in international journals. No other person has read more medical files, regenerative medicine research papers and created more regenerative medicine based treatment recommendations than Dr. Nasir.

Dr Nasir decided to bring this knowledge and expertise into our group to assure the best possible results for Unique Access patients. Dr Nasir has joined Unique Access in October 2015 is now part of the medical and advisory team responsible for establishing treatment protocols, and making patient treatment recommendations and plans.

Dr Nasir says: “When we say customised treatment protocols we mean it. One of my responsibilities is to work with the hospital and doctors to prepare a treatment plan for every single patient. On case to case basis. That’s a lot of work but I gladly do it to maximise the treatment outcome. The protocols are continuously evolving. As a doctor I feel the support from the company which in turn is great for the patients.

Dr Nasir will review your medical files without obligation, please contact us

Henning Kalwa, Director of Patient Services | Unique Access

Henning Kalwa

Director of Patient Services

Henning has worked and liaised with international patients, medical professionals, health experts and clinics for many years. In 2015 he joined Unique Access from Beike Biotech, where he was International Sales Manager helping patients get treatment for the previous 6 years. He has established a vast network of international medical professionals and regenerative medicine advocates who support innovative treatments today. His experience and knowledge is a fantastic asset to Unique Access. Henning speaks German and English.

Henning says: “I always felt obliged to offer patients the best possible treatment options. Now at Unique Access there are no boundaries. We are at the forefront of medical innovations and we are making these breakthroughs available today. After years in the industry I can proudly say that Unique Access is challenging the status quo. Unique Access combine the evolving puzzle pieces to create unique and effective treatment options .

Yasinee Srisethi, Treatment Manager| Unique Access

Yasinee Srisethi

Treatment Manager

Yasinee is the treatment manager and acupuncturist for Unique Access patients. Yasinee has a degree in Biochemistry and Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, which enhances her medical understanding of patients in the ward.  Before joining the Unique Access team in 2016, Yasinee was running her own acupuncture practice in Bangkok and also has experience working in a stem cell bank. Yasinee speaks English and Thai.

Yasinee says: “I really enjoy spending my time in the ward – I get to know the patients intimately as I take care of them from their smallest queries to learning more about them from a Chinese Medicine point of view. What I love most is that everyone at Unique Access Medical put their best foot forward in caring for the patients, always.

Hanna Borek, Patient Representative | Unique Access

Hanna Borek

Patient Representative

Hanna has over 5 years of experience in the Regenerative Medicine sector. Hanna is also the founder of Destination Good Health, a medical tourism platform dedicated to tailored healthcare solutions for patients worldwide. She holds a degree in biotechnology, and is working with hospitals and medical professionals worldwide to ensure the best medical service for each individual patient approaching her. You will not find a more educated and dedicated Patient Representative. Unique Access is excited to have Hanna Borek as part of our fast growing and knowledgeable team. Hanna speaks English and Polish.

Hanna says: “I have also worked with clinics in Poland, Czech Republic, India and China. My father has even been treated. At Unique Access I can finally say that the complete package is top-notch. Everyone from customer service staff, doctors, clinics and cell products are the very best.

Gabi Razvan Iordache, Patient Representative | Unique Access

Gabi Razvan Iordache

Patient Representative Romania

Gabi is a Spinal Cord Injury survivor himself and as you can imagine a great contact person when considering one of our advanced Spinal Cord Injury treatment programs. Gabi has been receiving regenerative medicine treatments three times already and will gladly share his experience with you. Over the years he has helped nearly 500 international patients to undergo cutting-edge treatments. Gabi speaks Romanian and English.

Gabi says: “I know exactly what it means when considering treatment options abroad. I have been through this process myself. I wish Unique Access would have been there when I was preparing my journey. It would have made things much easier for me.

Iker Elua - Patient Representative

Iker Elua

Patient Representative

With years of experience in the biotech industry, Iker currently works as an International Patient Representative assisting patients worldwide in getting the finest healthcare available. At Unique Access he is a person who always gives the best of himself in any situation, showing an ability and dedication second to none, making him an effective part of our international team. Iker speaks 7 languages

Iker says: “I worked with regenerative medicine for several years and in this time I met hundreds of families and patients. I became friends with many of them. This is what I love about my job. Everyone at Unique Access is investing so much heart and soul into it. It is very hard to find like-minded people but this team is incredible experienced and passionate. I am extremely proud to be part of it.

Tishila Narula, Patient Representative | Unique Access

Tishila Narula

Patient Representative

Tishila is a knowledgeable and compassionate patient representative. Having worked at Better Being Hospital as Medical Coordinator, she understands exactly what your needs and queries may be before arrival for treatment. Unique Access knows that you will be happy communicating with her in preparation for a treatment in one of our partner hospital. Tishila has a Bachelor in Nursing and joined Unique Access in December 2015. Tishila speaks English and Thai .

Tishila says: “We at Unique Access combine compassion and service with our advanced medical technologies and additional local support.”

Alejandro Domínguez Valle, Patient Representative | Unique Access

Alejandro Domínguez Valle

Patient Representative

Alex has a solid understanding of the treatments and an open and affable personality with a deep sense of responsibility to deliver the best patient experience. He is from Spain and helps Unique Access to communicate with Spanish speaking patients in a professional and passionate manner. Alex speaks Spanish and English.

Alex says: “It is extremely satisfying to help families and patients through this journey, to build a relationship and to see the patients improve.

Faith Aranas, Patient Representative | Unique Access

Faith Aranas

Patient Representative

Faith is a nurse from the Philippines with years of experience in laboratory research. For over 4 years, she has been working in the regenerative medicine sector as a medical assistant and a dedicated international patient coordinator. Faith is extremely passionate about making tomorrow’s treatment available today.

Faith says: “I am very happy to work with a knowledgeable team where the members are very supportive and passionate. What I always admire in Unique Access is that we are very careful in the screening process, making sure that accepted patients are suitable candidates for our treatment programs. Our medical protocols are carefully planned to deliver the best possible outcome for our patients. I have not seen any company that is more comprehensive and patient focused than Unique Access.

Mahdi Adam, Patient Representative | Unique Access

Mahdi Adam

Patient Representative

Mahdi has many years of experience in embassies, multinational companies and charitable organisations. He grew up in the Middle East and completed his education internationally. Mahdi speaks 4 languages and holds a master’s degree in software engineering. His customer service passion has always complemented his technical skills. At Unique Access he communicates with Arabic speaking patients to help them receive the best possible treatment.

Mahdi says: “I am happy to put smile on family’s and patient’s faces when their hopes became realised

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