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Who Are We?

At Unique Access Medical we are a skilled and dedicated team looking to guide you through a complicated decision making process. Some staff members or their family members have received treatments and/or surgeries with Unique Access Medical in the past and afterwards decided to join our team. That is why we completely understand your concerns and are best equipped to answer them.

Many of our team members have a medical background and years and years of experience in Healthcare. Unique Access Medical is agile, innovative and fast. So you or your loved one can benefit from fantastic treatment innovations today. We help you to find the right treatment option, organise the logistics and become a partner in your journey to better health.  Please meet some of our team members.

Medical Support Team in Bangkok, Thailand

We have a dedicated team at our Partner Hospital who ensure utmost quality and administration of the treatments and services provided. Right from airport transfer to provision of the treatments, our medical support team is well equipped to cater to all your requirements.

Dr Suthee Rujiwanitkul

Dr. Suthee Rujiwanitkul

Medical Consultant

Dr. Suthee Rujiwanitkul contributes his decades of medical expertise and knowledge to being an active member of the Administrative Board for Regenerative Medicine at the Ministry of Public Health. As a medical graduate from Prince of Songkla University in Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Suthee pursues his professional medical career from treating patients at Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital to conducting research, where his work has been published in different journals.

Dr. Suthee says: “The field of Regenerative Medicine is constantly changing and there is always a room for development. All in all, patients’ safety remains a top priority- and so Regenerative Medicine will remain a potential treatment for several chronic diseases.”

Nasir Majeed, M.D

Dr. Nasir Majeed

Medical Consultant

Dr. Nasir Majeed has extensive experience working with patients undergoing Regenerative Medicine treatments for various chronic conditions. He was part of many clinical trials and successfully established treatment protocols for various chronic and autoimmune conditions. His work on Regenerative Medicine has been published in international journals. No other person has read more medical files, Regenerative Medicine research papers and created more Regenerative Medicine based treatment recommendations than Dr. Nasir. You may schedule an online consultation with Dr Nasir to directly benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Dr Nasir says: “When we say customise treatment protocols we mean it. One of my responsibilities is to work with the hospital and consulting doctors to prepare a treatment plan for every single patient, on a case to case basis. That’s a lot of work but I gladly do it to maximise the treatment outcome. The protocols are continuously evolving.”

Therapists & CRM Staff

Besides the hospital’s team of therapists, Unique Access Medical has its very own team of talented therapists and friendly CRM staff.
Please meet our skilled therapists and lovely Customer Service staff.

International Customer Service Team

Prior to your arrival at the medical facility, our experienced and qualified Patient Representatives are ever ready to answer all your questions and coordinate consultations with our doctors at your convenience. Our Patient Representatives are scattered all around the globe and can collectively speak more than eight languages.

Hanna Borek

Hanna Borek

Senior Treatment Consultant

Hanna has over 5 years of experience in the Regenerative Medicine sector. Hanna is also the founder of Destination Good Health, a medical tourism platform dedicated to tailored healthcare solutions for patients worldwide. She holds a degree in biotechnology, and is working with hospitals and medical professionals worldwide to ensure the best medical service for each individual patient approaching her. You will not find a more educated and dedicated Patient Representative. Unique Access is excited to have Hanna Borek as part of our fast growing and knowledgeable team. Hanna speaks English and Polish.

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Hanna says: “I have also worked with clinics in Poland, Czech Republic, India and China. My father has even been treated. At Unique Access I can finally say that the complete package is top-notch. Everyone from customer service staff, doctors, clinics and cell products are the very best.

Iker Elua - Patient Representative

Iker Elua

Patient Representative

With years of experience in the biotech industry, Iker currently works as an International Patient Representative assisting patients worldwide in getting the finest healthcare available. At Unique Access Medical he is a person who always gives the best of himself in any situation, showing an ability and dedication second to none, making him an effective part of our international team. Iker speaks 7 languages

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Iker says: “I worked with regenerative medicine for several years and in this time I met hundreds of families and patients. I became friends with many of them. This is what I love about my job. Everyone at Unique Access is investing so much heart and soul into it. It is very hard to find like-minded people but this team is incredible experienced and passionate. I am extremely proud to be part of it.“

Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell

Medical Assistant

Andrew Bell is a Spinal Cord Injury patient himself. Ever since the life-changing accident in 2015, Andrew has been on an incredible journey to search for a treatment that would help him in his mission to walk again. He was featured on BBC news for his achievement as the first complete Spinal Cord Injury patient to take first steps as a result of Epidural Stimulation procedure and Andrew’s own hard work.

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As Unique Access’s Medical Assistant, Andrew brings first-hand experiences with Epidural Stimulation Procedure and Regenerative Treatment and will gladly give advice and guide you in your own journey.

Andrew says “choosing Unique Access was such a positive & life changing decision that far exceeded my expectations. I now actively encourage and guide other spinal cord injury patients with the hope of them achieving the same life changing results.”

Laura Medical Assistant

Laura Conti

Medical Assistant

Laura Conti has a master degree in Psychology in the faculty of Medicine and Surgery from University of Rome. With a passion for children and truly a compassionate heart for all, Laura pursuits further study to become a teacher to learners with Special Educational Needs, including children with learning disabilities, ADHD and Autism. An accredited Baby Bonding Thailand Practitioner, a Trainer for Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), an Education Volunteer for one year at an NGO in Guatemala are just a few of many of Laura’s devotions and achievements she has done for other people in need.

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Moreover, Laura has over 10 years of professional experience working in a medical administration industry where she is a consulting psychologist and helps with the coordination between doctors and patients. She now decides to bring her professionalism to work as a Medical Assistant for Unique Access where she will be guiding and supporting patients go through the treatment process. Laura speaks Italian and English.

Gabi Iordache

Medical Assistant

Gabi is a Spinal Cord Injury survivor himself and as you can imagine a great contact person when considering one of our advanced Spinal Cord Injury treatment programs. Gabi has been receiving regenerative medicine treatments three times already and will gladly share his experience with you. Over the years he has helped nearly 500 international patients to undergo cutting-edge treatments. Gabi speaks Romanian and English.

Gabi says: “ I know exactly what it means when considering treatment options abroad. I have been through this process myself. I wish Unique Access would have been there when I was preparing my journey. It would have made things much easier for me.“

Yasinee Srisethi, Treatment Manager| Unique Access

Yasinee Srisethi

Patient Representative

Yasinee has a degree in Biochemistry and Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, which enhances her medical understanding of patients considering treatment with Unique Access Medical. Before joining the Unique Access team in 2016, Yasinee was running her own acupuncture practice in Bangkok, Thailand and also collected experience working in a renown stem cell bank. Yasinee speaks English and Thai.

Yasinee says: “What I love most is that everyone at Unique Access Medical put their best foot forward in caring for the patients, always. The holistic approach, combing the latest cellular therapies with extensive supportive therapies aligns perfectly with my background in TCM.“

Management, Marketing and Administration

Unique Access Medical is steered by an international management which works to meet the high demands of our patients and staff members. Our marketing and administration office comprises of talented and creative individuals who extravagantly transcribe, share our patients experiences and unique treatments for all to visualise and learn. Our patients are the biggest source of inspiration and learning about their wonderful journey is invaluable.

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