Unique Access Medical staff with patients

The Spirit of Unique Access Medical: All About Building Relationships

Aside from endless efforts to make sure we offer the most up to date medical care and treatment, Unique Access also prioritises each patient’s happiness and wellbeing. To ensure every patient enjoys their stay at the facilities, the Customer Relation Team does our best to promote a cordial and home-like environment for all. The staff is also devoted to bonding with the patients to establish a firm relationship and simply accompany each other.

Unique Access Medical staff with patients

At all of our medical facilities there will be a Patient Lounge, a spacious and bright area overlooking the city where patients and staff often get together at the coffee and snack zone at their leisure to talk, discuss, and hang out with each other. Overall, this has played a significant role in creating a bonded and intimate society considering how everyone holds a great sense of mutual understanding of one another’s conditions and situation. It has also successfully created a comfort zone where the patients know that they are not alone as they are now part of a community where people sincerely care for each other.  

To encourage further gatherings as such, our Customer Relation Team throws parties where all patients, their relatives, and staff are welcomed to join. We take into account each individual’s preferences and provide them with personalised refreshments. The patients and staff enjoy these fun-filled gatherings as it’s all about building relationships and that even though all the patients come from various countries, they all rejoice as they are now part of one big Unique Access Family.

From our various patient testimonials, we can see that our patients really appreciate the treatments as well as the overall environment they’re exposed to during their stay in Bangkok. It’s true that the term “family” originates from blood relations. But after coming here, our patients prove that relationships are created from the heart, and they feel warm and at-home like when surrounded by all those who care for one another and are always ready to understand what the other is going through.

At Unique Access, we ensure that our patients receive the highest standards of professional and compassionate care possible. Seeing our patients’ happy faces and improved quality of lives motivates us every single day to provide the most progressive and responsible form of healthcare available.