Argentine Ambassador Impressed after Visit to Unique Access Medical Partner Hospital

Unique Access Medical is extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to welcome Her Excellency Mrs. Maria Alicia Cuzzoni de Sonchein, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Thailand, to one of our partner medical facilities.


As an integrative healthcare company that offers progressive and responsible treatment options, we work hard to raise awareness of the availability of our innovative treatment protocol, which combines leading-edge, next generation treatments, products, and services that are precise, unique, and highly personalised, yielding minimal side effects. At Unique Access Medical, we also work hard to ensure that our patients receive the highest standards of professional, ethical, and compassionate care and services as we continue to thrive towards reaching our goal.

Given this, it has been a privilege for the company to welcome Her Excellency to further discuss the prospects of these breakthrough treatments we highly pride ourselves in. After a detailed discussion with our Director of Patient Services, representative staff and medical experts, H.E. Mrs. Maria Alicia Cuzzoni de Sonchein paid her special attention to our unique Treatment Protocol, to which she was very impressed with.

On top of that, to our utmost humility, Her Excellency announced her intention to publicly raise awareness of Unique Access Medical Treatment Protocol amongst the Argentinian people who might be in need of medical assistance.

Our Treatment Plans are specialised to treat various kinds of chronic illnesses and injuries. Epidural Stimulation, for instance, is a breakthrough treatment to help Spinal Cord Injury patients regain some motor functions, which will enable them to live independent lives, and it has even helped a number of our patients get back on their feet. Not only that, we also offer Regenerative Treatment to help patients with neurodegenerative diseases to significantly slow down the progression of those chronic illnesses and live a more normal life.

Through our joint contributions made by our dedicated team, we have successfully improved the quality of life for patients across the globe suffering from various chronic diseases and injuries.

The Argentine Ambassador’s visit has not only motivated us to strive further towards our values and goals of providing access to effective health care for our patients; it has also given us the confidence to continue our perseverance with our mission to improve the quality of lives of all those patients who are willing to never give up. There is always hope for those who try and have the willpower to stay determined in fulfilling their dream of building a better future for themselves and their loved ones.