Aurelio ALS Treatment - Unique Access Medical

Aurelio, 59, ALS, Brazil

Aurelio, a 59-year-old from Brazil is suffering from ALS. He was tired of wearing the belt and using the wheelchair all the time. Regenerative Treatment with Unique Access Medical enabled him to walk without any support and the treatment made him feel more empowered to perform all his Rehabilitation exercises.

What improvements have you noticed so far?

Yes, of course, I got here very tired due to the long journey. For me, it’s more than forty hours of trip from my city. I came down, for care and to avoid walking with a belt in the belly and using the wheelchair on the first day to go to physical therapy. There you have already wore the belt.

With the cell injection via Lumbar Puncture that I received, I really feel more empowered to do the exercises. It helped me to walk without the cane and the belt.

Aurelio’s daughter: After doing the diagnosis and some tests, the physiotherapist said that he didn’t need the cane anymore. Since the first puncture, he doesn’t have to wear the belt and has been walking better.

Yes, I haven’t worn it again.
Yesterday I wore and on Sunday I wore to avoid strong fatigue as I went out for a walk in the morning and it was a long way. It is really beyond the expectation.
We talked a lot before I’d come here and that here wouldn’t have a cure, that here I would find a place that would give me better living conditions- healthier and more independent.

How was your treatment experience?

And I get emotional because when you leave your country to a country
like this, completely different, everything new, everything unknown,
everything is a question mark.

I’ve been treated very well here. The people are amazing.
So in this extreme, I’ve found here the search for future-
Regenerative Treatment is something that’s starting in the whole world and not everyone knows how to manipulate and a lot of bad people are out there.
But the human side of all, the whole city and particularly here, in each one, in each nurse, the people that go cleaning and they like to help and want to make you feel special.

I would pay twice as much as I paid. To summarize, it is worth the double of what I paid.

What’s your message to other ALS patients considering Regenerative Treatment?

For those having ALS, the stage you are in doesn’t matter, come here fast if you have the opportunity because not everyone has these conditions.
If more people who have such conditions come here, it will reduce the value and more people will be able to come. It’s the law of demand and supply.
People with less financial conditions will also be able to come.

You stay here doing the treatment since you have conditions but in fact it changes many things in your head like you keep thinking about those who don’t have the conditions to come here. It is a privilege for me to be here.

My hope in being here is that it gives time to discover new things and to stabilize. Maybe in the future, those diagnosed in time would not suffer with this disease,
because it is really ravenous. I almost played soccer today. A Brazilian that can’t do kick ups, is dead, isn’t he?