Ben SCI Treatment

Ben, 30, Spinal Cord Injury, Australia

Ben Magree, 30, from Australia is suffering from an incomplete Spinal Cord Injury. He came to Bangkok to receive Cellular Treatment with Unique Access Medical. He experienced great improvements with his foot, and he can move his big toe right after the second Cellular injection.

What improvements have you seen since starting the Regenerative Treatment?

The best improvement so far is my big toe and I could feel my hip getting better. The end of this foot is holding up. I know when I walk and I don’t trip over that much.. When I first came this foot didn’t really work. I’ve never been able to move my toes. After the first Lumbar Puncture and the second injection, my big toe can move for the first time since I’ve broke my spine. Last night, I was trying to move again and all my toes are starting to slightly move and slightly pull up. I’m getting more sensation in my leg and down at the bottom of my foot. So, everything feels like it’s going the right way.

What do you think of the facilities and staff?

Very nice! The Physical Therapist is probably the best therapist I’ve ever had throughout my recovery, better than Australia. The facility is great and very quiet. It’s easy to sleep, there’s no noise. It’s good. Everyone is very friendly, they are easy to get along with and very helpful. The Physical Therapists are actually the best. They are very good trainers. Mai (Treatment Manager) is probably one of the nicest happiest staff in here. She’s very helpful. She calls people for us when we need to. She’s great. She helps out a lot, same as Sang (Customer Relations Officer). Sang is really nice as well. Those two have helped us a lot.

Do you think you made the right decision by coming here for treatment?

I had a good feeling on it from the start. So, getting here, doing it, and noticing movements in my foot after two days is unbelievable. There’s nothing to really complain about at all.

What message would you like to share with those considering Cellular Treatment?

If you do have a spinal cord or neck injury, please consider coming here. It’s amazing. If you’re negative and think it’s not going to work, it probably will. There are a lot of patients here that I’ve looked up before I came here and the stuff that they are doing is just amazing!