Keynote Speech at Chinese Health Tourism Forum - Unique Access Medical

Keynote Speech at Chinese Health Tourism Forum

After impressing attendees of the 12th Annual China International Medical Tourism Fair in Beijing, Unique Access Medical (UAM) took its next-generation spinal cord treatment to Guilin from November 21-23.

UAM’s Head of Patient Services, Mr. Henning Kalwa, delivered the keynote address of the Guilin International Health Tourism Forum’s opening ceremony and, much like the previous week in Beijing, his presentation on Epidural Stimulation turned heads.

Epidural Stimulation is the breakthrough procedure that’s changing the lives of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients on a global scale. Since 2016, UAM has successfully treated paraplegics and quadriplegics from 20+ countries in its state-of-the-art surgery and rehab centre in Thailand.

We view the international attraction to Epidural Stimulation as clear indication of its viability as a next-generation SCI treatment, as well as a potentially lucrative one for the medical tourism industry. That was Mr. Kalwa’s message to the scores of international healthcare and tourism experts in attendance.

“My presentation was entitled ‘Translating Breakthrough Research into Innovative Commercial Treatments Today’,” said Mr. Kalwa. “It was essentially a case study of Epidural Stimulation for spinal cord injury recovery in Thailand, so it was on point at an event like this one.”

The event’s theme was ‘Sustainable Development and Innovation Cooperation’ which brought together medical experts, distinguished researchers, representatives of numerous Chinese government ministries, and the Mayor of Guilin — a burgeoning medical tourism destination in its own right.

Added Mr. Kalwa, “I’m honoured to have been invited as an expert in Medical Tourism. It was a great opportunity to share our patients’ case studies and their inspiring testimonials in another part of Asia.”

UAM’s primary focus when participating at medical tourism events — whether in Thailand, China, or Mexico — is to raise awareness of Epidural Stimulation’s effectiveness and how it is changing the lives of SCI sufferers; and a secondary focus is on the huge opportunity it presents to investors in the medical tourism space.

“Speaking in front of so many doctors, scientists, and academics to share the technical information about how the surgery empowers patients, the 100% safety record, it’s all fantastic,” said Mr. Kalwa.

“I also enjoyed the challenge of impressing upon international healthcare providers that Epidural Stimulation is clearly a win-win situation for them. They’ll be contributing to an extremely worthwhile cause, and since we’re only just starting out, the opportunity to participate profitably is huge.”

Guilin is one of 13 select cities designated by the Chinese government as tourism hubs, including medical tourism. And while China is primarily a source of medical tourists today, the long-term potential to become a top destination is clear.

“I can tell you, as an expert working in medical tourism for more than 10 years, UAM’s tour of China has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Mr. Kalwa. “In Guilin, I literally had emails and messages requesting more information about Epidural Stimulation and Unique Access Medical minutes after my presentation.”

If you would like to request more information about how quadriplegics and paraplegics are regaining voluntary limb movements, bladder and bowel control, balance, muscle mass, and more, contact us today.