Chris MS Treatment

Chris, 72, Multiple Sclerosis, New Zealand

Chris Negus, a 72-year-old Multiple Sclerosis patient from New Zealand came to Bangkok for Cellular Therapy. According to Chris, his treatment experience was like a miracle in the 2 weeks he has been on therapy as he can speak a little more clearly and can walk comfortably.

What improvements have you seen since starting Cellular Therapy?

Chris’ wife: Christopher can speak a little more clearly now. He can stand up straight instead of bending over. He can walk now without having to hold on or sit in a wheelchair. As for before, he couldn’t stand a long time, it hurts his back. Now he can stand up. He is getting better movement with his arms and he feels alive. He feels alive!

Chris: Well, this is absolutely amazing because everybody does everything for you. Nothing is too much trouble and you know, I feel like I’m still in a dream. I feel so much better. Before, I used to walk around the house every three steps and hold onto something in case I fell over. And now, I’m just walking around everywhere quite naturally -it’s amazing after two weeks, absolutely amazing.

What can you tell us about the treatments you’ve had with us?

Chris: What my problem was, because I have not done very much walking, my legs got a bit tight. And the treatment I’ve had has helped those muscles to release; to not to be so tight. I’ve had the Aqua which is very nice. It’s so easy to move in water, that really helps the balance of my body as well. Of course, the Lumbar Puncture, that was the main treatment to inject the cells into my body.

How did you find out about us?

Chris’ wife: We found it on the internet. We researched and Unique Access Medical came up as one of the top places to go, and then we got in contact with Faith. Faith is pretty great, she gave us all the answers.

Chris: She (Faith) advises us what to do. It was very easy and we spoke to one or two people who’ve come here and we learned a lot about this place. And that helped us decide to come here and then we arrived. We are here, I’ve had the treatment and it’s been fantastic!

What do you think of the facilities and staff?

Chris: Everything was catered for and everything was amazing; I mean nothing was too much trouble. It is like a 5-star hotel.

Chris’ wife: All the staff has been fantastic, and the lady who cleans our room- just lovely. Sang, who takes us out to shopping or wherever we want to go etc. We are very thankful for all your staff, they are lovely people.

What message would you like to share with those considering Cellular Therapy?

Chris: Oh my goodness, I would say this is amazing. If you have problems like I did in my back, I mean, do not hesitate to come here because you will be absolutely amazed to what will happen to you. Because it has changed my life.

Chris’ wife: I’d like to go back to New Zealand and talk to the Multiple Sclerosis Society to just let them know that there are options for the sufferers. There are options for them instead of being told, “Take this pill, we can’t do anything for you.” So just let people know that there’s a facility here that’s available and they can do it.

Chris: And in this world there are miracles. I just had one