Christien, 20, Diffuse Axonal Injury, Australia

Christien, 20, Diffuse Axonal Injury, Australia

Meet Christien Festa, a 20 year old Australian. He suffers from Diffuse Axonal Injury. The disease diminished the quality of his life and hindered him from performing tasks he previously enjoyed and did without much thought.

He began looking for treatment solutions within modern medicine techniques such as Stem Cell Therapy. Since these options are quite limited in Australia, he searched for treatment providers abroad. His search led him to Unique Access.

The positive reports from previous patients suffering from Diffuse Axonal Injuries whose lives had improved greatly due to treatment were encouraging to him. He made up his mind to seek this treatment and this marked the beginning of his journey to Bangkok where he would seek medical attention. 

The photo gallery below offers an insight into Christien’s treatment experience