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Conexão Saúde

New Partnership Will Bring Hope to Latin Americans.

A new avenue will be available to Brazillians and Latin Americans seeking alternative care for themselves and their loved ones. Through a new partnership with Conexão Saúde, a Brazilian-based medical tourism company, we will now have the chance to help a whole new demographic of people find the information and services they are looking for.



Unique Partnership

Conexão Saúde’s roots begin with the Fenix Institute, which aided and advised families in Brazil by giving them vital information on treatments that aren’t offered locally. The institute became well known to be a respected resource for people seeking hope outside of their country.

Unique Healthcare Experience

Today, Conexão Saúde takes responsibility for the entire process of helping families find the care they need. This means that from the initial contact, to providing access to information and to consultations with specialized doctors, to follow ups during and after their trip, their expert team will always be available make the process as easy as possible.Unique Healthcare Values

Their values and commitment to excellence is shared by each member of the Unique Access team, and we are looking forward to a partnership that will extend our hand to benefit those who need it most.