Unique Access Medical - Daymon, 24, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada

Daymon, 24, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada

Daymon travelled to Bangkok with his wife Karla to receive treatment for his Spinal Cord Injury. Making the journey from the USA, the couple had done research on Stem Cell Therapy as a treatment option for Spinal Cord Injury sufferers. With no suitable treatments on offer back home in the United States, they looked for a quality health care provider overseas. After contacting Unique Access and speaking to a member of our patient representative team, their search was over. 

The consultation with the doctor was good. Since it was my first time at physiotherapy, they were really testing my limits. This is the first time I’ve stood using parallel bars! It required more strength to do this than my standing frame back home.
– Daymon, 24, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada

Today we increased the power of magnetic stimulation to improve the effect on the motor cortex. It felt stronger but didn’t hurt at all
– Daymon, 24, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada”

Daymon enjoyed the challenges he faced in the various supporting therapies offered as part of his overall treatment package and was pleased with the progress he made during his time at the facility. The photo gallery below describes his healing experience while receiving treatment