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Destination Good Health

Our team takes pride in the fact that there is no other service provider that can offer better quality breakthrough treatments in all of Southeast Asia.

Striving to become the best in the field of health care related services, ours is a high standard we have never failed to meet, exceeding all of our expectations over and over again.


Unique Healthcare Service

Hanna Borek, Destination Good Health | Unique Access Medical

Founded, developed and led by Ms. Hanna Borek, a young Polish professional with years of experience in the Healthcare sector, Destination Good Health has been a crucial player in Poland and the Czech Republic.

It has become an integral resource for many people seeking alternative care abroad and their know-how has not gone unnoticed by the hospitals and healthcare organizations they’ve worked with.

Unique Healthcare Experience

Having worked with several leading hospitals and organizations throughout Europe and Asia, the Unique Access Medical professionals and Destination Good Health have entered into a partnership in an attempt to carry on providing leading healthcare services available to date to all of our patients.

Constantly striving to fulfill our mission of dramatically improving the lives those in need of innovative treatments, the U.A team and Destination Good Health are committed to delivering leading edge, top-quality medical protocols.

Unique Healthcare Possibilities

We’re always looking out for new and innovative ways to improve our company so that we can reinforce our golden rule: make it about the patients.
We believe this is just another step in the right direction and we’re excited to discover the new direction this partnership will take us on.