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Dr. Nasir Finds Breakthrough Discoveries in Stem Cell Research

Dr. Nasir Majeed, Medical Consultant of Unique Access Medical recently joined a conference in Germany on the topic of Hematopoietic and Blood Stem Cells organized by European Molecular Biology Lab (EMBL) at Heidelberg, Germany on June 7-9, 2018.

“There has been remarkable research on the importance of adult stem cells including Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in the last few years and we are very close to translating those discoveries in clinical practice,” said Dr. Majeed.

Many topics on Stem Cell were covered including the understanding of major HSCs sources at embryonic and adult tissue levels, mutations in HSCs and their importance, HSCs based immunotherapies, importance of HSCs in aging and anti-aging, relationship between MSCs and HSCs during embryonic development, stress induced stimulation of MSCs and HSCs, and Cell-Cell communication pathways and their importance.

“These new discoveries could also help us in improving our treatment protocols in the future and is definitely going to improve our patient’s satisfaction,” he added.

There was a total of 105 presentations/ abstracts, with major representatives from Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University, and Cambridge University. Dr. Majeed had a chance to meet and exchange views with various authors and scientists. The most prominent authors include Michael Milson from HI-STEM Germany, Witold Nowak from Stanford University, Beata Ramasz from University of Drusden, Maya Shvartsman from EMBL, Italy, Danielle Terenze and Haibo Zhang from St Michael Hospital, Canada. Dr. Majeed is reading more into these abstracts and had gained numerous insights that he believed can be adapted to different treatment program at Unique Access.

Dr. Nasir Majeed had extensive experience working with patients undergoing Regenerative Medicine treatments for various chronic conditions. He was part of many clinical trials and successfully established treatment protocols for various chronic and autoimmune conditions. His work on Regenerative Medicine had been published in international journals.