Unique Access Medical - Dr. Rodney, 79, Parkinson's, United Kingdom

Dr Rodney, 79, Parkinson’s, United Kingdom

Being a medical professional himself, Dr Rodney’s decision to pursue stem cell treatment after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease is as well informed as could possibly be. A retired dental surgeon from the UK, Dr Rodney made contact with Unique Access to discuss the options available to him and was impressed with the support offered by our team of patient representatives.

I like how physical therapy manages to correct my posture. Firstly using a warm pack, then with IFC to release my upper back muscles and finally with correct posture exercises. I can’t wait to see my posture improve even more.
– Dr Rodney, 79, Parkinson’s, United Kingdom

We formed a great bond with Tish in the last 2 weeks, the treatment was holistic and all about us.
– Dr Rodney, 79, Parkinson’s, United Kingdom

Dr Rodney made the journey to Bangkok with his wife Carole, who also received treatment during their time here. The photo gallery below displays an insight into his experience and the improvements he made.