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Emilio, 3, Cerebral Palsy, Mexico

Emilio, a 3-year-old Patient from Mexico, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Paralysis, has shown progressive improvements in communicating and in sitting and standing after receiving Regenerative Medicine. This is the third round of treatment with Unique Access Medical and his mother wants to keep coming back because everytime they come here, they keep seeing improvements.

Emilio’s mother– This is our third time in Bangkok. We have decided to come back because we keep seeing many improvements in Emilio. We know it is teamwork with his therapists in Mexico but with an extra push, they make the process go faster.

What improvements have you seen since starting Regenerative Medicine?

Emilio’s mother: Yes, since last year, he already started to sit down on his own. He can now standstill for longer and he often tries to communicate. He is always trying to figure out what others are saying and he knows we are talking about him. He is very connecte. I feel the cells have reached his body to provide outstanding improvement. There have been many improvements.

What do you think of the facilities and staff?

Emilio’s mother: We are very happy to be back to the hospital. It is truly amazing here. There is everything you need. The Unique Access team is always taking care and we love to see the number of patients that are here and how the good energy is being transmitted. Everyone is eager to keep fighting, everyone wants to overcome their problems and there is support among families. I feel that Unique Access team makes everyone get along and feel comfortable in the waiting rooms. There is a coffee area, so it is not like you are in a hospital and stuck in your room. There is always good chemistry with everybody and the personnel is always taking care of your needs. Everything is great!

Emilio’s mother: We like it a lot to be here. We are very happy with the therapies. The therapists are very professional. We love the facilities- the pool is very nice. Emilio has a lot of fun here. Although there is a language barrier, they still do everything to make you feel the warmth. They do not need to speak your language to make themselves understood. They are always very prepared to play with the kids. I also get to see adults and it is truly amazing how they treat everyone. We would like to keep coming as we know the first years of his life are the most important for his brain. We want to continue our efforts and keep coming back because everytime we come here, we keep seeing improvements and that too very fast. It is very important since Emilio, has lost a lot of his brain and nevertheless he is here, doing many things and we want him to keep doing more.

Emilio’s mother: During the first time, we thought it was very difficult to come to Thailand. But it is a very beautiful country, people have an incredible human warmth and always trying to help you. A big advantage is that the Unique Access team waits for you at the airport. They greet you and there is always somebody that speaks your language so that you never face any communication issues. If you have time and you wish, they can show you around and take you to some important sites. They do a lot of trips with the families that are here. They organize trips and that is fun because there are kids and adults who are stuck for many days here. It would be very boring without the trips and they really make you have a great time since you don’t feel like you are in a hospital. Being in a state-of-the-art hospital like this one gives you peace of mind because you know in case of any emergency, there is always the team to respond. The nurses are very well-trained. There is always a doctor to take care of you and for Emilio. There are pediatricians, general physician and cells specialist.

What message would you like to share with those considering Regenerative Medicine?

Emilio’s mother: You really should not be afraid of coming to Thailand to stay in this hospital. It is truly a state-of-the-art hospital. It is difficult to come here from Mexico since it is a pretty far off journey. We are very eager to do it as we know that everytime we come here, Emilio keeps getting better. Knowing that we come to a place that is completely prepared, gives us a lot of peace of mind.

Emilio’s mother: In our case, we had a situation with a seizure in which he received all the necessary treatments at the right moment and there was no other issues. The truth is, we feel very comfortable every time we come here. We would like to keep coming back every year because we really love it. We love the way Unique Access treats us and we love being here at this hospital. We love to be around these people, and most importantly, to take Emilio back home and see his improvements as months go by.

Emilio’s mother: If there is anyone considering coming here to Thailand to treat their kids or to treat themselves, do not doubt it, ask for information. It is always very good to have an option. We know it is not something easy to do but everything is possible and everything can be done. Anything that we can do for you, any doubt that you have or you want to talk and learn about our experience, we are always willing to help. Follow Emilio on his fanpage, Emilio´s journal on facebook. For me, a word to describe Unique Access team is “Professionalism”. Everything they do is with the highest standards, anything you ask them, they always give the best of them; professionalism and human warmth.