Unique Access Medical - Emma, 35, ALS, USA

Emma, 35, ALS, USA

Being diagnosed with ALS at the age of 35 is a situation that is impossible to comprehend unless it has happened to you. It’s a situation that Emma, from the United States, had to deal with. Rather than just accept the prognosis given by the doctors back in her home country, Emma decided to look elsewhere to find a treatment that could slow down the progression of her disease, ease the symptoms and improve her quality of life.

Unique Access represented an opportunity she had been looking for, with the combination of Stem Cell Treatment and a variety of supporting therapies. Having witnessed previous Unique Access Testimonials of Patients with ALS, she felt encouraged by what she saw and a renewed sense of optimism about her own future.

I’m excited for the first time since we started using the machine – I feel good with that and I feel no pain when using it.

While undergoing treatment for ALS, Emma made incredible progress. The photo gallery below describes her healing experience while receiving treatment