Epidural Stimulation Brings Andrew Bell Back on His Feet- Unique Access Medical

Epidural Stimulation Brings Andrew Bell Back on His Feet

Andrew Bell, the first man to get up on his feet after being diagnosed with Paraplegia from a T5 Spinal Cord Injury, has made a great deal of progress since his first round of Epidural Stimulation Treatment with Unique Access Medical. Today he serves as an inspiration for many who share his condition.

The Northern Echo recently got in touch with Andrew to check on his progress. His incredible story has given a great deal of hope to others who have been told that they would remain in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. He now regularly visits the James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough to speak with patients. Andrew is also a definite go-to contact for anyone receiving Epidural Stimulation in Bangkok.

Andrew’s struggle and success has also taken him to five different schools in Durham and Newcastle to give motivational talks to local students. One of his photos, taken with him standing up during one of his trips to Bangkok is now used as a poster to help give inspiration for those facing similar circumstances. He says that it is something that he derives a great deal of satisfaction from; by inspiring people to make the most of their circumstances.

Twist of Fate

Since his accident in 2005, Andrew Bell has worked tirelessly to recover from what Conventional Medicine calls an incurable condition. Over several years he has worked through two rounds of treatments with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok. During the periods he spent at home, he continued to work on his fitness and kept up the Physiotherapy regimen to build on the progress he has already made.

After the accident, Andrew was initially told that he would never regain use of his legs. Andrew, however, proved his doctors wrong. After his second treatment round with Unique Access Medical, Andrew could stand practically unaided for an hour and take assisted steps. This is without a doubt, a great deal of progress for someone who was told that he would never use his legs again.

Words of Wisdom

“Never give up”. These were the words that Andrew had chosen to live by. He still continues to maintain a high level of physical fitness through regular physical exercise. Andrew also continues to make a concerted effort on his part to remain positive throughout his journey. His motto is now tattooed on his arm. The words “Never Give Up” enclose a drawing of a person in a wheelchair and another standing from a wheelchair. The ink on his arm is emblematic of his incredible journey. The Unique Access Team was so impressed with meaning behind the design that they printed it on shirts that they handed out to all of their incoming patients.

Today, Andrew continues to strive to raise awareness on the possibility of getting better and improving the outlook of patients with Paraplegia. To continue moving towards his goal of running a half-marathon, Andrew now aims to undergo another round of treatment with Unique Access Medical. He is currently raising funds for his next trip to Thailand.
Andrew’s near-miraculous recovery is a testament to his dedication, hard work, as well as the effectiveness of the Breakthrough Epidural Stimulation with Unique Access Medical.