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Groundbreaking Epidural Stimulation Treatment on Display in Mexico

Unique Access Medical (UAM) is a leading international healthcare provider specializing in procedures to help patients with spinal cord injuries (SCI). And after two high-profile medical tourism events in China in November, we visited Cancun, Mexico for a busy 4-day conference on the beach.

From December 5-8, 2018, we shared information about our next-generation spine procedure, Epidural Stimulation, and plenty of our inspiring patient testimonials with the doctors, therapists, and patients in attendance at the 25th Mexican Medical Congress on Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.


The congress brought together more than 800 specialists from all over the world, providing us with the opportunity to connect with leaders in the Mexican and broader Latin American medical community and to support our Latin American partner, Grupo Médico Neurogenic, one of the region’s foremost advisors in the treatment of neurologic disabilities.

Grupo Médico’s Dr. Beatriz Perez Hernandez — an expert in the area of ​​neurological rehabilitation and disability — met with numerous physicians and received consultation requests for six patients right at the event.

“Many of our colleagues had heard about the treatment with Epidural Stimulation, but weren’t sure it was available for their patients,” said Dr. Perez. “Being able to show them our cutting-edge treatment was extremely fulfilling because now they have a successful new treatment option to offer SCI sufferers.”

The literature we presented on Epidural Stimulation was enlightening to a great many doctors and surgeons participating in the event, but its effectiveness has been well-known by many others since 2016 when it became available commercially in our state-of-the-art surgical centre in Bangkok.

According to UAM’s Head of Patient Services, Mr. Henning Kalwa, “Even though we’re still relatively young, we’ve built a great reputation in Central and Latin America in a very short time. Epidural Stimulation has made such an impact that even Argentina’s Ambassador to Thailand was keen to meet with us.”

The reason high-level people in Thailand are interested in Epidural Stimulation is because they’ve seen firsthand how empowering the procedure can be for quadriplegics and paraplegics.

When one of their countrymen or women comes to Bangkok for treatment and leaves five weeks later with the ability to stand up, move their limbs voluntarily, and control their bladders for the first time in years or decades, naturally others are motivated to help spread the word.

“We have acknowledged the demand, and in keeping with our company philosophy to offer excellent medical care and customer care we have developed two strong partnerships, one in Mexico and now one in Brazil,” said Mr. Kalwa. “The aim is simply to help us raise awareness and educate spinal cord injury patients about all the available treatment options.”

UAM’s aim whenever attending healthcare conferences — whether they’re in Asia, Europe, or Latin America — is to raise awareness of Epidural Stimulation. And judging by the fact that we distributed over 900 brochures to specialists in Cancun, we were able to do just that.

Added Mr. Kalwa, “After more than a decade working in the medical tourism sector, I can say with great confidence that I’ve never seen a breakthrough medical procedure make such an impact. The way in which Epidural Stimulation is changing the lives of SCI patients and their families is remarkable.”

To read testimonials from quadriplegics and paraplegics who’ve been empowered by Unique Access Medical, please visit our website. To speak to a patient services representative about our surgery and rehabilitation facility in Bangkok, contact us today.