Glenda, 47, Spinal Cord Injury, South Africa

Glenda suffers from a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), and although she thought she’d find the treatment she’d been looking for in her native South Africa, she was greatly disappointed by the treatment experience she received in the place she calls home.

Upon doing lots of research online to see if she could find an alternative to what South Africa was offering in terms of SCI treatment options, Glenda discovered Stem Cell Treatment and the Unique Access website.

She reached out, spoke to one of our Patient Representatives, and on having all her questions answered and worries settled, she decided to travel across continental borders for the treatment option she was confident would improve her quality of life.

Now, post-Regenerative-Treatment, Glenda is glad she took the chance as she is able to move her legs and feel her muscles in only a matter of weeks. Glenda couldn’t be happier and more grateful to the team that carefully attended to her in Bangkok and for the incredible treatment experience that was similarly accorded to her.

The video testimonial above gives an insight into the significant improvements Glenda experienced as a result of her treatment.