Gniewomir, 1, Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Poland

Baby Gniewomir was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia shortly after he was born. The neurological disease that is a result of underdeveloped optic nerves was already reducing the Gniewomir’s quality of life at the young age of one.

The parents of Gniewomir sought medical attention outside of Poland since there were no options available within the country. Their search led them to Unique Access. They were encouraged to seek treatment at Unique Access after they read the testimonials of parents whose children had been treated of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Our Patient Representatives were also available to hold discussions with the child’s parents regarding the treatment. Shortly after, they headed to Bangkok where Gniewomir was set to undergo treatment.

The photo gallery below offers an insight into the treatment Gniewomir received.