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Unique Access Medical (UAM) is an integrative medical facilitator offering personalised, progressive treatments aimed at improving quality of life and restoring self-confidence and self-worth in spinal cord injury (SCI) patients and those suffering from chronic neurological conditions. We provide them with opportunities to receive safe, effective treatments that give them back strength and independence.

UAM operates with the highest standards of professionalism and ethical, compassionate care for our patients. We have made it our mission to not only provide the best medical care, but to make innovative breakthroughs accessible to anyone in any country. Modern, accredited hospitals, forward-thinking doctors, and next-generation treatments are our foundation upon which we’ll provide you with the best healthcare possible.

How we help other healthcare professionals

Unique Access Medical can be your partner in treating SCI and chronic neurological conditions. We assist doctors and therapists in a variety of ways, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. Here’s a quick view of how we can help:

  • We’ll introduce you to our expert medical team and the proven breakthroughs in treatment and technology that are still hung up in FDA red tape in America
  • We’ll help you provide personalised patient evaluations and guidance in your medical facilities or in our state-of-the-art, JCI-accredited hospitals and clinics
  • We’ll prove to you from the outset that our partnership will be dedicated to supporting our patients, from initial contact through post-op recovery and physiotherapy
  • We’ll make our dedicated physicians and spine specialists available to you and your patients to guarantee the highest standards of consultation and treatment
  • Unique Access will be there every step of the way and will be available whenever you, or most importantly, the patient needs assistance. UAM spells dedication.

What makes our treatments unique?

UAM is several steps ahead our colleagues in neurology and regenerative therapy. While they are still conducting studies and trials and dealing with FDA bureaucracy, we’re effectively treating paraplegics and quadriplegics with Epidural Stimulation and chronic neurological conditions with Regenerative Medicine. And what we see over and over is our colleagues’ studies and trials confirming our safe, effective, integrative treatments.

Epidural Stimulation has opened the doors to a world of previously unimaginable possibilities in spinal cord injury treatment. It is currently the most advanced procedure available for helping SCI patients regain voluntary movements and control of certain body functions.

Epidural Stimulation has been approved by the FDA for trials, and is a potential breakthrough for them; but it’s a reality for Unique Access Medical and the scores of patients who have come from around the world to our brand-new, hi-tech facility in Bangkok, Thailand for their surgery.

Regenerative Medicine via amniotic-fluid stem cell and mesenchymal stem cell injections has proved effective in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Extensive data from numerous accredited hospitals and research organisations over the last decade has led to the conclusion that it is the most promising treatment for improving the immediate condition of the patient, preventing secondary complications, and reversing neurological damage.


Become part of the UAM network

Hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers around the world can join us as we expand the number of treatment centres worldwide equipped to provide Epidural Stimulation and Regenerative Medicine. Our aim is to change the paradigm for how spinal cord injuries and chronic neurological conditions are treated and provide patients with better, fuller lives.

Get in touch if you are interested in growing your organisation to become an integrative healthcare provider dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments to the thousands upon thousands of patients in need around the world.

Start your organisation’s growth today! Just send us an email to connect@uniqueaccess.com and we’ll take it from there.

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