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Why Raise Funds Online for Your Medical Treatment?

The importance of social media in so many people’s lives means we are connected like never before. The old role of a charity doing good work through organised distribution of donations is no longer the only way as many individuals like to make donations to a specific person for a specific cause they can relate to. Many patients have successfully reached their funding goals.

Technology and social media have made fundraising possible, simple and engaging. The easiest way to do this is to use one of the most well-known fundraising pages, e.g. (we recommend them but you can use any of the big ones, or continue with an existing page if you have one). Not only will they collect donations and display your goals and progress, but the donors will feel more confident sending money to a known and respected site, rather than a personal bank account or Paypal. Over the past few years, online fundraising has effectively changed the way we help others.

Creating an Effective Fundraising Campaign

Through various of Unique Access’s communication platforms, we are willing to broadcast and spread your story to reach a very targeted audience. In order to ease your process, Unique Access has also created a “Guidelines and Best Practices to Create an Online Fundraising Awareness Campaign” to support and provide you with a step-by-step guideline from how to start your own Fundraising campaign to how to promote your page. It includes all the necessary, useful links and all the information you will need. The guideline is available for download in the link below.

Guidelines and Best Practices
to Create an Online Fundraising Awareness Campaign

Crowdfunding Success Stories

The campaigns that reached their goals

Help Jeffrey Walk Again

Jeffrey Guest’s life changed entirely at the young age of only 21 when a tragic car accident left him paralysed from the waist down. This, was an unexpected permanent result of the accident.

Romanian SCI Patient Gabi

Gabi Razvan Iordache attended a military high school and has lived an active lifestyle back in Romania; playing sports and running 20 kilometres daily until a diving accident happened.

Andrew Bell, T5 SCI

A negligent car driver hit Andrew’s motorbike in May 2015 leaving Andrew paralyzed from the chest down. Within three days of his accident Andrew was told he was unlikely to ever walk again.

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