Unique Access Medical - Isaac, 32, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada

Isaac, 32, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada

Isaac Darrell suffered a Spinal Cord Injury as a result of a diving accident over four years ago in his native Canada. He discovered the potential offered by the Epidural Stimulation procedure in combination with Stem Cells during his research of treatment options which could improve his quality of life.

After following the story of another patient featured on the Unique Access website – Andrew Bell, who also underwent the Epidural Stimulation procedure – Isaac was greatly encouraged by what he saw and the improvements that could result from this unique treatment.

After a recovery period of a few days following surgery, we begin a tilt table session to improve my blood circulation, digestion, excretory system and to stretch my calf muscles. I’m happy that I can stand for 15 minutes continuously and my blood pressure condition is good. I can’t wait to turn on the Epidural Stimulation device and start the mapping process on Monday.
– Isaac, 32, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada

Despite this treatment being relatively new and not commercially available back in Canada or the United States, Isaac received great comfort from the fact he could speak to a patient who had already experienced the procedure before making his own decision. 

I took some steps today. It was a difficult exercise, but I look forward to making good progress in future step training sessions.
– Isaac, 32, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada

It feels great – The last time I was in a pool I didn’t have as much sensation of the water. Now I can feel the water around me and the temperature of the water…it’s warm!
– Isaac, 32, Spinal Cord Injury, Canada

While undergoing treatment for Spinal Cord Injury, Isaac made incredible progress. The series of photo updates below, give a great insight into Isaac’s treatment experience.