Unique Access Medical - Juan Jose, 46, Ataxia, Spain

Juan Jose, 46, Ataxia, Spain

Juan José is an example of the great improvements one can have with Stem Cells. He went from having Multiple Sclerosis to a mild form of Ataxia, proving all the naysayers wrong. His quality of life is much better and he couldn´t be happier with the results.

He’s improving a lot! It´s really positive and we are really happy. (…) I’m no longer tired, my head doesn´t hurt anymore, I feel fresher and full of energy.
-Juan Jose, 46, Ataxia, Spain

His mother and him talk to us about his experience with Unique Access Medical and the improvements he’s experienced

Remarkable results undergoing treatment for Ataxia

While undergoing treatment for Ataxia, Juan Jose made incredible progress. The photo gallery below describes his healing experience while receiving treatment