Kayleen Bulbar Palsy Treatment

Kayleen, 51, Bulbar Palsy, Australia

Kayleen Cook from Australia is diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in the form of Bulbar Palsy. She came to Thailand for Cellular Treatment with Unique Access Medical. Her treatment protocol included Cellular Therapy injections, Vitamin drips, and rTMS Therapy. Kayleen’s husband enthusiastically talks to us about the treatment Kayleen received here.

What improvements has Kayleen since starting the Regenerative Treatment?

This morning she actually came out with a sentence, which is really good, because she hasn’t spoken any words for six months. That was really positive. She can say ‘bye’. She couldn’t even say a word before.

What can you tell us about the treatments she has had with us?

She got Cellular Therapy injections, Vitamin drips, and rTMS Therapy and other therapies which are helping with her neck muscles and tongue. It also helps stimulating those muscles again.

What do you think of the facilities and staff?

When we got here we felt that the hospital is amazing and the staff has been incredible. If anybody ever asks me did I need a Cellular Therapy, I would certainly recommend them to come here. Without a doubt it has been really good.

How did you feel interacting with your Patient Representative?

Hanna was really good. After our enquiry, she contacted us straight away and we got some details. We then sent her Kayleen’s medical details. We got a treatment plan and a price back fairly quickly.

What message would you like to share with those considering Regenerative Treatment?

If anybody is looking to come and have Regenerative Treatment with Unique Access Medical, I will definitely recommend it. The whole process has been brilliant, the people here are brilliant, and the facility is brilliant. It has been an outstanding experience and I will definitely recommend this to anybody considering it, to do it.