Kelly Regenerative Treatment - Unique Access

Kelly, 44, T12 Spinal Cord Injury, USA

Kelly Longo, 44 years of age from California, United States of America sustained a T12 Complete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) while preparing for a half marathon. She learned about Unique Access offering overall the best program through internet.

What treatments have you received with us?

Kelly: In addition to Regenerative Medicine, I didn’t get the stimulator because my level of injury made me not qualify. However, they did a laminectomy and injected cells right at my level of injury into the spinal cord and then additionally got the Lumbar Punctures. So every time I get those, I get this burst of energy the next day, so today I’ve got lots of extra energy from the growth factors that were injected by additionally from there Physical Therapy’s (PT) been great. I’ve had lots of extensive PT, Aqua Therapy, I did Hyperbaric Chamber today, and it’s been really great.

How did you find about us?

Kelly: I learned about it from from the internet. I did a lot of research. I looked at different countries and different studies that they had in the United States and Unique Access had the best overall program.

What do you think of the facilities and staff?

Kelly: The food is great. It’s not your typical hospital food. It’s actually really really good and nutritious comes by and they customize a meal plan for you, which is amazing. I don’t think they’re doing that anywhere else that I know of. Smiles on everyone’s faces and if you need something they’re there for you. Just wonderful.

What improvements have you seen since starting LamiSpine?

Kelly: I didn’t have anything down in my calves. I couldn’t even feel. It was darkness. I’m getting little pulses, even in my feet so I feel like I’m just so close to getting that toe to move. I really feel like it’s really close so I think that the cells are really starting to work. I feel like they’re starting to work in my body.

Kelly’s boyfriend: She felt a little temperature in her right thigh for the first time in the shower.

Kelly: There are a lot of little firsts here that are happening, so it’s really exciting and I’m just about ready to rock it through the roof buildings. I’m really excited about it.

Kelly’s boyfriend: So, just hoping for a continued improvement. Happy with everything so far but always wanting more. We got a long way ahead of us and we’re excited to see what possibilities this procedure enables us to.

Kelly:I’m pretty confident I will walk again.

Do you think you made the right decision by coming here for treatment?

Kelly: Absolutely, I think this is great. I’m already starting to feel differences and getting a little more sensation here and there. I’m starting to contract my glutes and getting some movement in my thighs here, which is new. So I’m just waiting to see what happens next. I’m just excited to keep this up and hopefully build it back again.

Kelly’s boyfriend: The recovery from the Laminectomy, she was in a lot of pain because it was a back surgery. But relatively quicker than I thought it would be. Within a week the pain level was way down. She’s already off half her pain medication and the nerve pain in her legs is down about 50% little more.

Kelly: It’s down like at three-four in pain, so that’s only at night. So it’s really dramatically decreased my nerve pain which is in itself money well spent.