Lisa, 51, ALS, USA

Lisa was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, an illness that continue to rob thousands of people around the world the chance to live life as they please.

But, refusing to give up on herself, she and her husband embarked on online research and discovered Stem Cell Therapy. Lisa’s main aim, was to find a treatment option that would help stop the progression of the ALS symptoms but still be able to accord her a great quality of life.

While in Bangkok, Lisa received a comprehensive treatment plan that consisted of stem cell injections as well as various therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Aqua Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Lisa’s improvements since receiving the treatment now consists of choking less, having a clearer and more audible voice and also having better enunciation of her words. Post-treatment,

Lisa and her husband were incredibly impressed not only by the treatment provided but by the outstanding staff and facilities they had in Bangkok. This experience has given both Lisa and her husband a chance to look forward to the future. A great sense of hope they didn’t have before.

The video above helps to shed more light on Lisa’s treatment experience.