Medical Tourism Benefits

Medical Tourism: In Search Of Extraordinary Medical Treatment

Medical tourism is fast becoming a global phenomenon, especially for Americans. Many people are leaving their countries to go and seek healthcare and treatment elsewhere. The reasons for the increased popularity in seeking treatment abroad include affordability, higher quality of care and better access to care.

The increasing number of medical tourists reflects the increased cost of healthcare in the United States. It is estimated that Americans save between 20 to 80 percent on medical procedure costs if they receive treatment in a foreign country.

Some of the most popular medical tourism destinations include Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and India. The treatment centres in these places offer some of the highest quality of care in modern day healthcare. Some would even call them five-star treatment facilities.

As Michelle Chaffee, a healthcare professional and a patient, noted: “The price for my routine scans and labs to detect a cancer recurrence are nearly 75% lower than they are from my current provider.” Her motivation was not only the affordability of services rendered but also quality of care. She was impressed by the standards of care offered.

When seeking Alternative Treatment and affordable healthcare, you may want to consider the following: cost, insurance cover, type of specialised care, recovery facilities, and customer service experience. These factors will help you make a sound decision about the healthcare facility to engage with.

Medical destination facilities often times offer a cheaper alternative to facilities back home. Most of those people either do not have medical insurance or their deductible is way higher that the out of pocket cost. Some insurance companies cover and even encourage their members to pursue less expensive treatments overseas.

Just like any other business, customer experience in overseas treatment facilities is imperative when making the decision to travel for medical procedures. The number of medical tourists entering Thailand for treatment is currently at half a million and it is growing exponentially. Thailand has partnered with travel agencies and hotel groups to provide “five star experience” to patients travelling there for treatment. Unique Access Medical for one, only partners with the best treatment facilities that offer the highest possible standards of care.

The other benefits of medical tourism include occasional insurance cover for patients and even a smoother recovery while on “vacation” as opposed to being home where the reality of the illnesses is a constant reminder to the patient.

Comprehensive and unconventional  treatment packages are also usually offered on travels abroad. These could include Stem Cell Therapies and Epidural Stimulation.

Before deciding to travel for medical procedures, every patient should carefully do their due diligence. There are always regulatory and oversight hurdles to medical tourism that need to be considered.

If you would like to learn more about available treatment facilities and options, feel free to contact us and our Patient Representatives will assist you.

Source: Outbreak News Today