Unique Access Medical - Mihai, 60, ALS, Romania

Mihai, 60, ALS, Romania

ALS patient Mihai approached Unique Access during his pursuit for treatment options which could help stop the progression of his condition. After several in depth discussions with one of our patient representatives, Mihai decided that he had to look no further for the solution he was looking for. Travelling from his native Romania, Mihai was met by a dedicated member of the Unique Access team at the airport in Bangkok, a service that is included in the treatment plans of all our patients. 

Acupuncture has really helped me with the muscle pain in my legs, and my headaches are definitely gone.
– Mihai, 60, ALS, Romania

I am playing like a kid again! But this time I am exercising fingers and hands co-ordination. It’s quite fun!
– Mihai, 60, ALS, Romania

Mihai enjoyed a stress-free experience during his entire time under our care and noticed several improvements in his condition. The photo gallery below describes his healing experience while receiving treatment