Mindi Devic's Disease Treatment

Mindi, 48, Devic’s Disease, USA

Mindi from USA, was suffering from Devic’s Disease. They found out about Unique Access Medical and the treatment through a cousin who’s doing a Master’s program in Florida. She was searching and found this, and she went with the couple. The program that she is in, in Florida, were discussing different neurological diseases and their treatment protocols. So after she forwarded it to them, Mindi and her husband contacted Unique Access Medical and within a few hours, a Patient Representative, Faith, contacted them and started discussing Cellular Treatment options for Mindi. Mindi’s husband speaks to us in the interview:

What can you tell us about the treatments Mindi has had with us?

The treatment here has really been above and beyond what we would expect in a medical facility or even in any clinic. We received Hyperbaric therapy, multiple Cellular IVs, Vitamin Treatments, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Aquatic Therapy and more. All of the treatments and therapies that we’ve received here have really been above and beyond what we expected in a hospital setting and better yet, outside of the United States. The Aquatic Treatment was very special for my wife because she used to be an average swimmer recreationally, but she was able to stand up for the first time in five years. So that was a very special moment for my wife.

How did you found out about us?

We found about the facilities through my cousin who’s doing a master program in Florida and she was searching and found this, and she went with us. The program that she is in, in Florida, they were discussing different neurological diseases and their treatment protocols. It was quite unique in not only the type of cells they were using but also with their protocol itself. So after she forwarded it to us, we then contacted Unique Access Medical and filled up the form that’s on the website and within 24 hours a representative, Faith, contacted us and we started our discussion in pursuing if the Cellular Treatment would be appropriate for us.

What do you think of the facilities and staff?

The staff and the facilities are very, very friendly and very helpful. They go above and beyond what you would expect in any sort of medical facilities. The meals prepared for the patients are really unbelievable, especially under the guidance of a nutritionist that you have a consultation with, so it’s geared towards optimising Mindi’s Rehabilitation functions in return.

The Rehabilitation area is quite spacious where you have ample equipment to provide with the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. The Aquatic facility is also quite nice and also unique in itself. And with my wife’s present situation she required two physical therapists to assist her in her therapy inside the Aquatic area and in the pool- that you would definitely not have in the United States, especially in New York City.

What message would you send to those considering Regenerative Treatment?

Mindy had to try something because all she was doing was sitting at home and declining. And even though we were trying to be proactive at home in any therapies that she would be able to tolerate and possibly have improvements, it still wasn’t going to be the end of all. At least with Cellular Treatment, our goals were to prevent progression of the disease process and hopefully rehabilitate the nerves in order to increase and improve functioning strength and overall strength which I think we, we accomplished here in a matter of two weeks. She met some of our short term goals already and we anticipate meeting some more goals as the cells mature within her body.