Nannapas ALS Treatment - Unique Access Medical

Nannapas, 43, Ataxia, Thailand

Nannapas Ramyarangsri, a 43-year-old Ataxia patient from Thailand, received Regenerative Treatment with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok. Ataxia is a rare group of neurological condition attacking the brain and has serious effects on the patients’ balance, coordination, and speech. There are different types of Ataxia and it may affect all groups of people in different age range and currently has no cure. The disease also comes with other debilitating conditions including diabetes and heart diseases.

Currently, specific treatments are provided to patients to help relieve their symptoms and improve their well-being. Doctors recommend Speech therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy to help patients carry out their day- to- day chores.

In this video, Nannapas shares with us her overall treatment experience and talks about how the treatment has given her new hope towards her recovery.

How did you find out about us?

I just searched different places to see where in Thailand that would be able to treat my condition and I found Unique Access Medical which is in Thailand so I don’t have to get treated abroad.

What is the reason for the decision to get the treatment?

The first reason I came here was because it’s located in Thailand, so there’s no need to travel abroad. I have done some research and decided to come here because it looks like the best place to get treatment. My condition is really bad right now, as I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t speak clearly, so I decided to come here.

What treatments have you received with us?

I got Regenerative Treatment with one hundred million thousand stem cells. The procedures is divided into three sessions. The first session, it is called IV (Intravenous Stem Cell) injection where the injection goes through the veins. Then there’s another two injections on the spinal cord and the lumbar. I also did physical therapy and aqua therapy.

How are the facilities and staff?

Everybody is great and very friendly. When it is time for therapy the nurse would wait for me and lead us there. She would check my temperature and every four hour would come to see see my condition.

What would you like to tell people who wants to get this treatment?

I think it is a great opportunity. I am able to exercise everyday . The condition got better and I am able to help myself do things in everyday life. The hospital is modern and the food is great so I want everyone to come here to get treated.