Unique Access Medical - Pablo, 53, ALS, Spain

Pablo, 53, ALS, Spain

Pablo felt disheartened by the lack of available treatment options on offer after being diagnosed with ALS. After coming across encouraging patient testimonials on the Unique Access website from other patients suffering from the same condition as him, he felt a lot more positive. Together with receiving Stem Cell Therapy to help slow down the progression of his disease and alleviate some of his symptoms, Pablo benefited greatly from a variety of supporting therapies offered as part of his plan. 

The physiotherapist aims to strengthen the triceps muscles to improve my transfer skills
– Pablo, 53, ALS, Spain

I’m noticing great improvements in my trunk control, so now we are increasing the difficulty of the training by starting to throw the ball
– Pablo, 53, ALS, Spain

Improving his ability to perform regular day-to-day tasks was a significant part of his rehabilitation, with the main aim of enhancing his overall quality of life. The photo gallery below describes his healing experience while receiving treatment