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The treatment will occur in an internationally accredited tertiary care hospital and not in a hotel or clinic. This is important for the patient’s safety and care as the patient will have access to all specialised departments & specialist doctors which will further increase the treatments efficiency.

Being in a tertiary care hospital allows access to various specialised departments which will allow optimal medical care and a quick response time in case of emergency or illness.

Procedure and Treatment

Specialist, advanced equipment such as HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen chamber) and rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) are on-site. The Rehabilitation gym and pool are fully equipped and staffed by physiotherapists specially trained in protocols designed just for Unique Access customers.

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On-site Hospital Facilities

Everything necessary for fulfilling your treatment protocol in safety and comfort by first class physicians and support staff is provided in one in facility.

Unique Access are with you every step of your treatment

You will be on the 20 private room ward reserved for the exclusive use of Unique Access patients. UA Doctors and patient services staff will be there for your support during hospital treatment hours. The ward is staffed 24/7 by hospital nurses should any patient need attention.

Unique Patient Care

Many patients will spend two weeks or more undergoing treatment and rehabilitation and so the facilities and amenities are important for both them and their families.
  • There is also an exclusive patient lounge with library, toys and other distractions for both passing the time and for socialising with other patients and their families.
  • Meals are of a high standard with careful nutritional balance. Halal food choices available.
  • Just 200 meters from the hospital is a modern shopping centre complex offering supermarket, multiplex cinema, many restaurants and 6 floors of shopping.
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Before arrival all patients will receive a comprehensive Unique Access guide giving them all the information they and their families will need to make the stay smooth and comfortable.

The treatment takes place in the most modern tertiary hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Boasting the two highest level hospital quality certifications available globally, you can be confident that your medical treatment and overall patient experience will be of the highest standard at this Unique Access Medical partner Hospital.

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