Research Partner Medeze Group

Exclusive Access to World-Class Cellular Technologies

Medeze is the leader in the field of Regenerative Technology operated with a cloud of knowledge and expertise from professors and doctors from all over Asia. As a pioneer of the science of longevity, Medeze is in a continuous effort to explore and develop the latest advances in Cellular banking to offer hope and restoration, confidence and beauty, and more. In collaboration with us at Unique Access Medical, we endeavour to provide access to a treatment that will be beneficial to our patients.

Partnering with more than 30 of the world’s best hospitals, Medeze’s Cellular Technology has especially aided in the treatment with Unique Access Medical that has improved the quality of life of many of our patients. Taking it a step further, at the same time, we also strive towards standardising the practice and hope that Cellular Therapy will become the first line of treatment for many incurable diseases in the future.


Medeze brings together years of research, experience and the most progressive medical services available with regards to Cellular Technology. Through our dedication to be at the cutting edge with their technical innovation, Medeze becomes the ultimate choice in Cellular banking services, for the whole family and people of all ages. Medeze’s research and development focuses on the advancement of Cellular Technology through clinical trials as well as through clinical practices, all of which are conducted by qualified medical experts who work hard to ensure an internationally standardised care.

Cellular Technology

Qualifying as the forefront in the provision of Cellular banking, a tremendous amount of effort has been put to ensure Medeze’s equipment and facilities are maintained with the highest standard possible.

Medeze’s laboratory is equipped with an ISO Class 7 cleanroom under a constant monitor of pressure, humidity, and temperature. It also features automated equipment to isolate and preserve cells and an advanced lab information system to avoid any human errors. As a result of this, Unique Access Medical is provided access to cells that have a recovery rate of 99%, which is highest in the industry.

Medeze also uses European Union’s Medical Device Directive certified cryopreservation system to use vaporised nitrogen to prevent any cross-contamination or any exposure to disease. Their storage bunker is fully fireproof with solid concrete walls, a reinforced ceiling, and an access-controlled 30 cm thick steel door for extra protection.

Genetic Testing

Medeze offers a complimentary service for chromosomal analysis for Cellular deposits prior to cryopreservation to affirm the health of the cells. The analysis will gives extra time to act preemptively in case of any risk of genetic abnormalities or any predisposition of disease later in life.

Cellular Transportation

Medeze uses a Cryogenic Vapour Shipper; a dry, spill-free vapour-phase shipping technology, for Cellular transfers to ensure the cells are safe, healthy, and ready for use. The Cryogenic Vapour Shipper transports the cells with a “non-hazardous” classification throughout the world, for an assuring sample viability.


As the first Cellular bank to offer cord tissue banking and adipose tissue banking, in addition to routine cord blood banking, Medeze is built on a solid foundation of impeccable science and years of experience, providing access to Cellular Technology, both established and emerging. Their research and development efforts are a big contribution to the expanding scope of current available Cellular Therapies and Regenerative Treatment.


Medeze is a team of internally-renowned physicians and experts operating under the guidance of the Foundation for The Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT), the Medical Council, and an international ethical guideline on research and development for cell transplantation. Medeze maintains its outstanding performance and track record, exceeding all industry standards. For that, they are accredited by several globally renowned organisations, including ISO, the International Society for Cellular Therapy, and the National Environmental Balancing Bureau.

FACT is a non-profit organizationNational Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB)International Society for Cellular Therapy