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From the very beginning, our mission has been to make our patients’ well-being our priority. For that reason, we cultivate relationships and develop partnerships with the finest in health care providers all over the world.
Unique Access Medical - Destination Good Health

Destination Good Health

We’ve teamed up with one of the premier medical service consultants for Poland and the Czech Republic. Learn more about Destination Good Health and their role with the Unique Access team.

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Conexão Saúde

A new avenue will be available to Brazillians and Latin Americans seeking alternative care for themselves and their loved ones. Through a new partnership with Conexão Saúde, a Brazilian-based medical tourism company, we will now have the chance to help a whole new demographic of people find the information and services they are looking for.

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Unique Access Medical - Conexão Saúde
UAM partners with Grupo Médico Neurogenic - Unique Access Medical

Grupo Médico Neurogenic

Grupo Médico Neurogenic envisions itself to be the leading medical company for treating motor disabilities in Latin America. Its mission is to improve the quality of life and motor function of patients with disabilities using the most advanced treatment. Grupo Médico Neurogenic currently has two specialised Spinal Neurorehabilitation doctors. As our partner, Grupo Médico Neurogenic is also one of the Certified UAM Information Centre which is currently located in Cancun and Guadalajara, Mexico. We hope that with this partnership, our patients will be able to receive the most convenient treatment and advice on medical treatment, and be able to access us in the comfort of your own hometown.

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Xseer is transforming Medical Tourism into a thoughtful and accessible solution for all. With the knowledge and network of the world’s leading facilities and physicians providing cutting edge medical treatments and exceptional services. Most of all Xseer understand what it is to be human- supporting you through the entire process- Xseer will help you in making the right choices. Their packages are exclusively tailored and customized for your exact needs and requirements wherever you are in the world.

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UAM partners with Xseer

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