Roseanne Ataxia Treatment - Unique Access Medical

Roseanne, 44, Ataxia, Australia

Roseanne, a 44-year-old Patient from Australia is suffering from Ataxia. Her daughter was researching and watched some videos after which she contacted the Patient Representative at Unique Access Medical to know more details about the Cellular Treatment.

What improvements have you seen in the past two weeks?

My husband in Australia spoke to me and he thinks there is a difference in my speech and I’m starting to feel a bit of a difference in my legs. The doctor advised that it can take up to four months to see the full potential of the cells, so hopefully in the four months after we get home, we will continue with the therapies. We’re definitely going to continue to see more improvements.

How was your overall treatment experience?

So far everything has been great. The staff is good, the facilities are good. The food’s been great and everything you need is first class. The hospital is beautiful and clean. The nurses and the doctors are nice and everyone keeps us informed, up to date and tells you what they’re going to be doing before they actually do so, you feel comfortable at all times. Definitely would have come here earlier if I knew how great it was going to be. It’s been an amazing experience and I recommend to come and give it a go. There is no harm in trying. You are not going to see your loved one get any worse. So, definitely try and don’t be hesitant.

What can you tell us about the treatments you’ve had with us?

I received Cellular Therapy, Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy and some Aqua Therapy as well. So, 5 in total, 3 Lumbar Punctures and 2 via IV. In PT, they have been trying to teach me how to walk again and they saw me walking unaided and so far it’s going good.

Has your mother had any side effects from any treatments?

Roseanne’s Daughter: Not really. During the second Lumbar Puncture, she was a little nauseous but they said it was a normal reaction and nothing too drastic. Nothing to worry about I’d say. She then just rested and went to sleep.

How did you find out about us?

I have been researching for a while now trying to find a possible treatment because there aren’t many treatments for Ataxia at all. This one just happens to come up on top of the list and I just clicked on it and watched some videos. So I emailed and got in touch with the Patient Representative which was just really amazing. I just forwarded them the questions before confirming and booked to come in.

Just try, you just have to try and research especially when someone so close to you wants something, and also because there is not much for Ataxia at all. So, we just tried our luck and here we are. Wish we came earlier. In Australia, there is nothing at all for Ataxia.

What role did the Patient Representative have on your decision to come here?

She has been really great. I would apologize time and time again because I would forget something and had to ask her and it was six months forward and back, and I honestly wish we came earlier but it’s very comforting, she was just amazing. There’s not many words. I was very grateful to her because when my Dad was stressing me out when all I wanted to do was come, I just had comfort from her with the right answers to take back to him and show that this is what it is and this is why we’re going.