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Henrique from Canada Talks About His Regenerative Treatment Experience for Ataxia

Henrique Branco, a 47-year-old patient from Canada came to Bangkok to undergo Regenerative Treatment for Ataxia with Unique Access Medical. Following the treatment, Henrique talks about major improvements he experienced on his speech, vision and more. He also shares how the treatment has given him a positive impact towards his lifestyle.

For more information please visit https://uniqueaccess.com/
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Epidural Stimulation Now

YOUR TEAM for Epidural Simulation Treatment

Description: The medical team at Verita Neuro are the world leaders in Epidural Stimulation treatment for Spinal Cord Injury patients, with more than 80 patients successfully treated over the last 5 years.

This breakthrough treatment involves the surgical implantation of an Epidural Stimulator device in the Patient’s Spine, along with extensive physiotherapy, to trigger the lost signals between the Spinal Cord and Brain to stimulate locomotor-like activities.

Potential improvements after the Surgery and Rehabilitation Program may include the ability to stand and take steps (initially with assistance), improvements with bowel and bladder function, sexual function, body temperature regulation and more.

For more information about this innovative treatment, please visit https://veritaneuro.com/team-you
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