Unique Access Medical - Timothy, 30, Spinal Cord Injury, USA

Timothy, 30, Spinal Cord Injury, USA

Meet Timothy, a Spinal Cord Injury sufferer from the United States. Keen to improve his condition and enhance his overall quality of life, he began pursuing the possibility of stem cells as a treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries. With no options available for him in the United States, he began his search for a quality treatment provider based overseas – which led him to Unique Access. After seeing improvements by previous patients with similar injuries to his own, he became even more optimistic about what he could achieve from his own treatment. After several discussions with one of our patient representatives, Timothy’s mind was made up and he soon began his journey to Bangkok to undergo treatment.

In my fourth acupuncture treatment today, I noticed a tingling sensation in my legs when the needles were in – something I hadn’t felt before! I’m excited that I can see a difference.
– Timothy, 30, Spinal Cord Injury, USA

We are working hard on my core muscles so hopefully I can stand better when doing stand training in my PT sessions
– Timothy, 30, Spinal Cord Injury, USA

While undergoing treatment for Spinal Cord Injury, Timothy made incredible progress. The photo gallery below describes his healing experience while receiving treatment