UA - Epidural Stimulation Device
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About the Treatment

The breakthrough treatment for spinal cord injury is centered around the epidural stimulation device.

The device activates the para-sympathetic nervous system, which is not the original route via which brain connects with the limbs, so even if the spinal cord is fully injured, there is still an alternative route to connect to the lower parts of the body.

About the Procedure

The safety profile of the procedure is good in that there are many decades of experience in surgically implanting electrical devices( e.g. heart pacemakers or spinal pain management devices) with very few complications.

Once implanted, the patient learns how to control the device and the resulting limb movements.

X-Ray - Epidural Stimulation | Unique Access
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How It Works ?

In non-medical language, the stimulator is implanted and wired to the spinal cord.

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