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Tudor, 26, T12 Spinal Cord Injury, Romania

T12 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Tudor from Romania Experiences Improvements After LamiSpine Surgery

Tudor Gall, a 26-year-old T12 Spinal Cord Injury patient from Romania, came to Bangkok to undergo the LamiSpine Surgery with Unique Access Medical. Side effects of spinal cord injury includes dizziness, fluctuations in blood pressure and changes in bladder, and bowel function. However, the biggest concern for patients with spinal cord injury are mobility issues or paralysis.

Following the Surgery and Rehabilitation, Tudor shares his treatment experience and improvements he has seen in terms of core muscles and balance in his movement. In this video, he also shares his appreciation on the facility and staff.

How did you get the Spinal Cord Injury?

I had car crush three years ago which resulted in spinal cord injury T12. In the first six months I had no movement, then i started having a bit of a contraction in the left thigh.

Did you get treatments before coming here?

Before coming here i only did physical therapy, no other treatments, such as stem cell. I had some improvements
even without stem cell treatment and I was able to do distances with braces and the wheel frame.

How did you learn about us?

At first I saw Andrew Bell’s case on the internet and watched some movies from BBC interviews from the internet. Then I found out that Gabi, who was my patient representative had surgery here, and I got in touch with him and
I had a really good relationship with him and he explained all the treatment and how they are like.

What treatments have you received with us?

I received here the laminectomy surgery with stem cells, lumbar puncture with stem cells, and IV treatment with stem cells. Also among the treatments, I got hyperbaric oxygen therapy, RTMS , a lot of physiotherapy, functional exercise.

What improvements have you observed after the treatment?

The first improvements was a few more sensations in my lower part and the sensitivity improved day by day. Also after a few physiotherapy training I started to see very good improvements in terms of movements. I see improvements in my balance, core muscles improved a lot, even the movement I did before the stem cell treatment got much better. I mean I have more power when I do movements in my leg.

How do you like the hospital and staff?

The facilities are the best I have ever encountered and the staff is really kind. I feel like everybody here is helpful and everyone is eager to help you. Maybe it’s something in the Thai culture as well but I really like it, here.

After departing Bangkok, Tudor continues to preserve with his rehabilitation program back home.