Unique Access Medical - Tudor S., 72, Glaucoma, Romania

Tudor S., 72, Glaucoma, Romania

Please meet Mr. Tudor Socrat from Romania. Tudor is 72 year old and he was diagnosed with Glaucoma in 2012. Even when doctors in Romania told him there was nothing else they could do, he never lost hope and approached Unique Access for medical treatment guidance.

During treatment he made remarkable progress

I am definitely feeling much better! My vision is not so foggy like in the first day I arrived here. Now I can see up to five meters or more. At the beginning, in the first day, I could only see blurred silhouettes entering my room and it was difficult for me to distinguish a person from another from that distance. But now I can tell the difference between the people entering the room!
-Tudor S., 72, Glaucoma, Romania

Remarkable results undergoing treatment for Glaucoma

During his 14 days of treatment for Glaucoma Tudor made incredible progress. The photo gallery below describes his healing experience while receiving treatment

Tearfully, Tudor told us:

There are No Words to describe how to say Thank you to the ones that gives you back your vision! I will just say: Thank you from all my heart to all the doctors, the hospital and to the entire incredible team that made this possible, I cannot describe the joy I feel in my heart right now!
-Tudor S., 72, Glaucoma Romania