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UAM Hosting Leading Chinese Development Firm

Unique Access Medical (UAM) has been making waves in the field of neurology with its breakthrough spinal cord injury (SCI) treatment since 2016. So far, we’ve treated 50 quadriplegic and paraplegic patients from various countries, and the medical world has taken notice of the inspiring results.

Because Epidural Stimulation is the only successful treatment available commercially for SCI patients, the business world is taking notice as well. The procedure and rehabilitation take place here in Bangkok — perhaps Asia’s finest medical tourism destination — so it was only a matter of time before the region’s medical-sector investors and philanthropists reached out.

Fortunately, for the thousands of SCI sufferers in China, UAM has begun a relationship with one of that country’s most respected business development firms, The Heung Kong Group (香江集团).

Heung Kong Group’s Healthcare Aims

Heungkong Group employs over 20,000 people in various commercial sectors throughout China, but they’re also known for their vigorous social responsibility and active participation in a wide range of charitable causes.

With donations of more than $150M USD to numerous public welfare programs in China — and several thriving healthcare businesses in their portfolio aimed at “medical treatment, health preservation, and health pension” — a partnership with Unique Access could be the start of something big for Chinese spinal cord patients.

So this November, The Heung Kong Group sent a delegation to Bangkok led by their Chairman, Mr. Chi Keung Lau, to meet UAM’s patients, medical and professional team, and Head of Patient Services, Mr. Henning Kalwa, who believes a shared ambition for helping others will be the basis of the partnership.

What Could a Partnership Accomplish for SCI Patients?

Combining UAM’s fast-growing reputation for delivering safe, innovative treatments to SCI patients with Heung Kong Group’s vast resources and stated mission of “giving back to society through business excellence” has made Mr. Kalwa even more excited about the future of Epidural Stimulation.

“It was a great honour hosting Chi Keung Lau and the delegation from Heung Kong Group,” said Mr. Kalwa. “Contemplating the future of SCI treatment, not just in China but worldwide, was at the center of the discussions, and it’s clear that Mr. Lau welcomes the opportunity that Epidural Stimulation presents for continuing their tradition of goodwill and social responsibility.”

“Being able to discuss ways to improve medical care in China with an established, respected organization like Heung Kong Group validates UAM’s work,” added Mr. Kalwa. “Whenever other responsible healthcare providers support our next-generation treatments, it drives us even harder to improve the lives of quadriplegics and paraplegics everywhere.”

Short- and Long-Term Goals for Epidural Stimulation

After diving deep into how the procedure is done and visiting with rehabbing patients, the conversation naturally turned to the practical and logistical aspects of Epidural Stimulation in China.

“We’re excited because we know the facilities would definitely be top-class,” said Mr. Kalwa. “Mr. Lau’s existing healthcare ventures are pristine examples of Heung Kong Group’s ability to raise capital and develop world-class medical infrastructure.”

Those ventures include Heung Kong Family Healthcare Center which is a chain of clinics deeply committed to creating healthier lifestyles throughout China.

Teaming up with Heung Kong Group to provide Epidural Stimulation in China would be another huge step forward for UAM, and when added to our flagship facility in Thailand and our recent partnership with the Institute of Brain and Spine in India, hope abounds for patients who struggle with the immobilizing symptoms of their spinal cord injuries.

For more information about Epidural Stimulation visit us here, or, if your organization would like to join forces with UAM and our growing list of partners dedicated to helping SCI sufferers in any country, visit us here.