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Unique Access Medical Introduces Epidural Stimulation to China

Autumn has been a busy time for Unique Access Medical (UAM) as we continue to spread the word about Epidural Stimulation, the breakthrough spinal cord treatment that is empowering quadriplegics and paraplegics around the world.

Our latest venture took us to Beijing for the 12th Annual China International Medical Tourism Fair, part of China’s burgeoning Belt and Road initiative. The fair comes just a month after UAM hosted leading Chinese business development firm, The Heung Kong Group (香江集团), here at our state-of-the-art surgery and rehabilitation facility in Bangkok.

From November 16-18, 2018, the China International Exhibition Center was abuzz with hundreds of exhibitors from across the global healthcare landscape. Unique Access Medical together with our friends of Verita Healthcare Group met with many of the thousands of visitors to the fair and participated in countless discussions with medical professionals, doctors, and even patients.

While the event welcomed all kinds of treatments, Epidural Stimulation stole the show.

“In China alone 60,000 patients per year get diagnosed with Spinal Cord Injury,” said Henning Kalwa, UAM’s Head of Patient Services. “The sooner we can make cutting-edge treatments like Epidural Stimulation and Verita Life’s integrative cancer treatments available to so many people in need, obviously that would be great.”

The widespread interest shown by attendees of the event in Beijing — one of the real upstart destinations in the medical tourism industry — is further validation of the work UAM is doing to deliver safe, effective treatments to sufferers of spinal cord injuries (SCI).

But the real validation comes from the patients, those whose lives have been significantly improved by the Epidural Stimulation device surgically implanted on their lumbar spinal cord, as well as those with whom they share their experiences and who are inspired by what they hear.

“Epidural Stimulation offers true hope for SCI patients and a clear path to functional recovery,” said Mr. Kalwa. “Showcasing this innovative approach at the biggest medical tourism fair in China was a great experience, primarily because you could see hope registering in the minds of patients and providers alike.”

Just as our partnership with the Institute of Brain and Spine in India helps us expand the reach of Epidural Stimulation, so too does an event with international appeal like the one in Beijing. Especially when we have the opportunity to interact with SCI patients directly to show them firsthand how Epidural Stimulation is transforming lives.

“It requires a lot of effort, but when UAM travels to share our expertise it allows patients to get a real understanding of how we can help them,” said Mr. Kalwa.

“Providing access to groundbreaking treatments from overseas providers is the essence of medical tourism and should be encouraged, so we’d like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to introduce Epidural Stimulation to such a large cross-section of the Chinese medical community.”

To learn more about UAM’s mission to combine next-generation spinal treatment with compassionate care, or to request a consultation for the Epidural Stimulation procedure, contact our patient services division today.