Unique Access Medical Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary

Unique Access Medical Proudly Completes its Second Year of Bringing Innovative Healthcare to the World

Unique Access Medical (UAM) has completed another incredible year and has continued to improve the quality of life of so many patients around the world. The company has provided treatment access to over a hundred and fifty patients within the past year for many conditions ranging from ALS, Ataxia to Spinal Cord Injury and more. The quality of treatments and patients’ experience has been overwhelming and that positive feedback from our patients in turn, motivates our entire team to strive for the highest standards of professional, ethical and compassionate care and services.

Moreover, giving the company the best anniversary present imaginable, The University of British Colombia has recognised Unique Access Medical’s innovative treatment for Spinal Cord Injury by publishing our patient, Isaac Darrel’s follow up data for their case study led by Andrei V. Krassioukov from the Division of Physical Medication & Rehabilitation in the same university.

Isaac Darrel is one of the first patients of Unique Access Medical, who underwent the Epidural Stimulation Surgery along with the intensive Rehabilitation Programme in Bangkok, Thailand in the year 2016. Following the surgery and training sessions, Isaac reported great progress within even the first five days following the surgery as he was able to move both legs during his first Device Mapping session. Furthermore, Isaac also enjoyed major improvements in terms of increased sensations, hip flexions, trunk control, blood pressure, energy levels and more. And a proud moment was when, with his sky-high confidence towards the last few days of his training sessions, Isaac was able to take unassisted steps, making it the first time ever since his tragic diving accident back home.

Unique Access Medical is proud because our patients are proud of their successful treatment journey and the massive improvements that have allowed them to enjoy a better quality of life. We are ecstatic to see that other institutions around the globe are recognising the results of the treatments we provide access to, and it is one of our major goals in the coming months to deepen the collaboration with these institutions and medical professionals to allow more patients get access to these breakthrough treatments.

On this note, as we start another exciting year of providing access to leading-edge, next generation treatments, we shall continue to serve our patients with the best and we look forward to seeing the happiness our patients embrace after regaining their hope and their optimism with the success of their treatments enabling them to enjoy an improved quality of life.

Congratulations to all our patients, families, well-wishers, stakeholders and supporters on Unique Access Medical’s 2nd Anniversary!