Celebrating Unique Access Medical – One Year on!

12 months ago Unique Access Medical was created to enable patients in need have the medical access they deserve. In this short period of time Unique Access has seen tremendous success on multiple levels.

First and foremost we have had the chance to meet, treat and change the lives of over 100 patients. In the coming year, we expect to treat over 200 patients.

We were also able to introduce new treatment modalities like the innovative human stem cell growth factors which have been proven to dramatically increase the effect of Stem Cell Therapy. The cutting edge services offered by Unique Access have seen it achieve tremendous success with its patients and their families. Our future and that of our clients looks very promising.

Thousands of patients travel abroad every year in search of treatment for various conditions such as Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cardiovascular Disorders. These patients and their families often experience challenges ranging from language barriers to finding suitable medical and recovery facilities. Consequently, having someone who will take care of their travel details is always a welcome relief.

We at Unique Access excel in taking care of the patient’s needs while still allowing the patient to focus on getting well. Our members of staff are professionals and are experts in their fields offering the right treatment for the best outcome.

Our superior services have been featured in UK and US media, spearheaded by the BBC. Thus, our reputation is quickly growing and spreading all over world. We are constantly approached by doctors who would like to get involved in what we do. In consequence, we have created a Medical Advisory Board to harness all this knowledge. More on this in coming weeks.

The company also partners with the best research entities in the world that are developing cutting-edge treatment options. We provide patients and their families with information about new treatment protocols or products and explain the Science behind it. Our research partners are global trendsetters in safety and effectiveness.

Unique Access presents progressive, responsible healthcare to increase quality of life.  We:

  • combine leading-edge next-generation treatments, unique products and services that are integrative and effective.
  • believe that there is always real hope and that patients deserve access to effective and safe treatment.
  • strive for the highest standard of professional, ethical and compassionate care and service.
  • serve those who are open-minded and willing to explore proven alternatives in medicine.
  • aim for and support the fighters who do what it takes to help themselves and their families whatever their starting point. 

Our expert medical team provides personalised treatment plans and dedicatedly supports the patients throughout the treatment while offering the highest standards of advice and service. We avail ourselves before, during and after the treatment.

We, ultimately, couldn’t have achieved all that we have, without all our strong-willed patients and their loving families. Thank you for choosing Unique Access Medical!