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Meet Unique Access Medical in Mexico this December

Unique Access Medical (UAM) and one of its key North American partners, Grupo Médico Neurogenic, will be presenting their innovative treatments for various neurodegenerative diseases and spine injuries from December 5-8, 2018 in Cancun, Mexico.

The conference, hosted by the Mexican Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, will feature “Updates in Rehabilitation for the Functioning of Disabilities” and is open to the public. It is poised to attract neurologists, physiotherapists, surgery centers, and hospitals from around the world.

Unique Access Medical will be represented by several members of our team from Bangkok, Thailand, which is where patients from 17 countries — including Mexico — have received our breakthrough procedure for spinal cord injury (SCI) sufferers called Epidural Stimulation.

UAM doctors and therapists will be on hand to welcome SCI patients and introduce Epidural Stimulation, how it works, the fantastic results our patients have received to-date, and how to set up an initial consultation for their own treatment.

Thanks to our colleagues at Grupo Médico Neurogenic, we will have English and Spanish speaking representatives on hand to share their knowledge and expertise, and inspiring stories about the 40+ patients whose lives have undergone incredible transformations since receiving Epidural Stimulation and UAM’s cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments.

As with most conferences, there is an educational aspect as well, and Unique Access Medical is proud to have been invited to contribute to the growing body of literature on the effectiveness of integrative treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and spine injuries. Come join Unique Access Medical in Cancun!

For more information, please visit our website detailing Epidural Stimulation and Mexican Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.