World Health Day

World Health Day is one of the eight global health awareness days which happens each year on April 7th. The World Health Organisation began celebrating this day in 1950, enrolling all member states of its organisation. Each year, World Health Day pays attention to a different theme. The intention of doing this is to attract global attention, support and interest. Ultimately, this day aims to draw good change (however little) to the nominated theme.

The reputation of World Health Day is cherished by many. Those who cherish this day include: governments, NGO’s, mass media outlets and public health activists. Therefore, the theme which is nominated each year receives a great deal of thoughtfulness from around the globe.

Themes which have been looked at in previous years include: depression (2017), safe motherhood (1998) and emerging infectious diseases (1997), to name a few. In 2017, depression became the theme of many large businesses across the world, the media and of governments who all gained a better understanding of depression. They all learned that depression is something which can be prevented and treated. Also, most learned about tackling stigma and isolation that surrounds this illness (especially with males who repress emotion) to seek help. In summary, this day benefited many lives across the globe by having all member states of the World Health Organisation talk about it, with the hashtag #timetotalk.

Theme of 2018

This years theme has been elected to focus on Universal Health Coverage. Universal Health Coverage means to ensure that all citizens across the globe can obtain the health services they need without suffering any financial burden to do so. In December 2017, the World Health Organisation and the World Bank observed that at least 50% of the world’s population cannot obtain essential health services and of those who can, they are sadly pushed into financial hardship after purchasing it.

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