Zdeněk, 35, Spinal Cord Injury, Czech Republic

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ZPlease meet Zdeněk. He is a 35 year old from Czech Republic. At the age of 14 he had an accident and since then has been in a wheel chair. He felt there was more he could do to improve his situation apart from rehabilitation exercises and after some research he decided to contact Unique Access for medical treatment guidance.

Zdenek describes the improvements he has noticed so far from his training

My hand has improved. Now I can move easier and have an increased range of motion (ROM). My triceps muscles have become stronger and I’m happy to continue my exercise!
Zdeněk C., 35, Spinal Cord Injury from Czech Republic

When asked if he noticed any improvements in his sitting balance, this is how Zdeněk responded:

My sitting balance is better. Now I can lift up my hand and I can also drink water without back support!
Zdeněk C., 35, Spinal Cord Injury from Czech Republic

Remarkable results undergoing treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

13 years ago, Zdenek was involved in a car accident as a passenger. He has now travelled from the Czech Republic to receive breakthrough treatment for his Spinal Cord Injury. The photo gallery below describes his healing experience while receiving treatment